The Gang

The Gang

For the people who made a difference to our lives and the ones we just don't want to say Good Bye. For all we are,

We r United


Kaushal Bondada

The Adventurous Geek.- When he is not at the gym, he spends his time on Vim . Algos and Data Structures are more than just technologies, they are way of life to him .

Tegjyot Singh

The Dictionary.- Data guy and Visionary. He adds life to Ideas, while " The Gang " dreams, he builds the dream with clarity, creativity and a genius touch.

Manoj Tammali

The Stylesheet.- Passion, Persistence & Panache define him. Neither in his looks nor in his code is there room for slop .

Venkatesh Javvaji

The M&M.- Manager and Mitigator . A man of the masses who will get the job done on time every time .

Harendra Sagar

The Guru.- His philosophy, logical deductions and depth of knowledge makes his advise invaluable to " The Gang " . True to his name sake , he is an endless source of wisdom to " The Gang ".

Abhishek Sharma

The Foundation.- He is the embodiment of loyalty, friendship & Trust, which is what " The Gang " stands for . He Keeps us in touch with our roots while pushing us to achieve great heights .

Sai Dilip

The Bridge.- He connect the Code with the Currency . Ideas are developed and finances are managed, a know how of both keeps him engaged .

Veenanadh STGK

The Booster.- he is " The Gang's " entrepreneurial spirit on steroids . When two roads diverge, he explores both and that makes all the difference .

Abhisheak Soni

The Box Buster.- He hasn't thought "Inside the Box" since 1991 . His unquivering confidence and venturesome spirit forms bold entrepreneurial essence of " The Gang " .

Abhinav Aggarwal

#happiness.- His magnetic persona makes him extremely likable . He leads by example and wins you over with his humor . With him you laugh in good times and laugh at bad ones .